client projects

A. Watts Creative simple online powerpoint for visual presentations Wordpress
Custom Captcha Ecommerce store needed bot protection Magento
Spring Summit 2017 Promotional site for a genetics conference at Harvard University Wordpress
Tannens149 Storefront site for Bronx supply Wordpress
Hip Chick Alert News and Culture blog of jazz singer Diana Perez Wordpress
Modsy blog for computer aided interior design startup in SF Wordpress
Cross Contemporary Art gallery, Hudson NY Wordpress
Joel Sheakoski photographer, NY Wordpress
Ford Crull painter, NY Wordpress
Diego Montoya artist, NY. Squarespace

personal projects

depict a collaborative moodboard firebase and fabric js
team rsvp a visual rsvp and planner firebase and fabric js


html / svg / css/ js/ lua

custom builds, and various CMS:
Squarespace, Tumblr, Wordpress, Shopify, Cargo Collective

javascript libraries: