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A simple reading list, note-taking and reviews site, playing with uses of AI for interesting cross-referencing.

AI Plans

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Coding an app for a small team to solicit approaches towards dealing with AI alignment.


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A growing suite of personal utilities. “Emu boards” are web-socket powered to-do lists, real time, private or public, with a URL, and the ability to install a Chrome extension which transforms your “new tabs” into your personal todo list.

Game Scry

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A game discovery database and interface

COIL Connect

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A curriculum matchmaking app for teachers and professors around the world interested in collaborating.


A browser MMO aimed at MUD fans.

somewhere gallery

An art gallery for anyone to hang art.  (This project since merged into Threepress plugin)


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Trying to build a browser MMO on a $5 server.


draw things, share things. a websocketed fabricjs canvas