Personal and Small Business Websites

Subscribing here includes any and all of the following:

  • Host your website
  • Register your domain
  • Basic e-commerce

    This includes up to 100 single items. The Wordpress ecommerce package (Woocommerce) has guidance on taxes which you are responsible on setting the rates for.

    Compound items such as kits or outfits require much more configuration and can be set up apart from the monthly plan.

    What's included?
  • Basic content updates such as blog posts
  • Basic design updates such as colors, fonts, images and video
  • maintain site SSL certificate (the https secure badge in the browser)
  • Security & troubleshooting
  • site copies on request
  • Consulting - call anytime


Things beyond the scope of this plan, but I would be happy to talk more about:

  • full site design / redesigns
  • branding / social media
  • full scale ecommerce - for this I use custom Shopify builds, hosted by Shopify

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