The Tough Alliance - Holiday[up].mp3
Doc Watson - Deep River Blues[human].mp3
Doc Watson - Live in Concert 1978[human].mp3
Hiroshi Yoshimura-Green[code].mp3
Paul Simon - 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.mp3
mac miller - ladders[low_medium_human].mp3
Jurgen Paape - Mit Dir[robots].mp3
CRi - Remix Bob Moses Hanging On.mp3
Penguin Cafe - Horns of the Bull[human].mp3
Rush - Limelight.mp3
Cowboy Bebop.mp3
Frank Zappa - Waka Jawaka.mp3
RHCP - behind the sun[human].mp3
Paulinho Nogueira & Toquinho - Toquinho Paulinho Nogueira[human].mp3
Jon Hopkins - Vessel[code].mp3
CRi - Losing My Mind.mp3
RPG - Medieval Town 1[code].mp3
Summertime In Kamikōchi.mp3
Southstar - Typa Girl[up].mp3
CRi - Miracles Album.mp3
Dusty Decks - Stone Cookies[low_medium].mp3
Nujabes - Best of Nujabes[code].mp3
AFX - Ambient Mix[low_robots].mp3
CRi - Signal.mp3
lunar - space sailors.mp3
Toshiya Sukegawa - Biocic Music.mp3
The Tough Alliance - Something Special.mp3
Southstar - Miss You[up].mp3
William Onyeabor - Fantastic Man.mp3
William Onyeabor - When the Going is Smooth and Good.mp3
CRi - Something About.mp3
Paul Simon - Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes.mp3
Paul Simon - Graceland-live.mp3
Paul Simon - Graceland[human].mp3
Paul Simon - Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard[human].mp3
Paul Simon and Garfunkel - The Only Living Boy In New York[human].mp3
Pyxis - HOME[robots].mp3
white-noise [low_code].mp3
ambient - Forest Sounds.mp3
fantasy cottage.mp3
matthew wilder - nobody gonna break my stride.mp3
TÂCHES - I See You In My Dreamsp[robots].mp3
ambient japanese village[code].mp3
William Onyeabor - Atomic Bomb.mp3
The Jones Girls - Will You Be There.mp3
The Tough Alliance - 25 Years and Runnin'.mp3
The Diving Bell and The Butterfly - La Mer.mp3
The Diving Bell and The Butterfly - Main theme.mp3
The Diving Bell and The Butterfly - Violet Butterfly.mp3
The Jaz & Jay-Z - The originator.mp3
AFX - Hexagon-1994[low_robots].mp3
Dani Hageman - Hello[up].mp3
Tender - Creature Comforts[code].mp3
eels - sputter out.mp3
Takashi Kokubo - Elegant Harp[code].mp3
The Diving Bell and The Butterfly - Don't Kiss Me Goodbye.m4a
Vanilla - Origin.mp3
the stone roses - i wanna be adored.mp3
Sørcery - Astrogate.mp3
SPACETRIP II[robots].mp3
SPACE HIGHWAY[robots].mp3
Collective Soul - December.mp3
90s hip hop 2[medium_human].mp3
AFX - 10 Inthesky[low_robots].mp3
AFX - Clissold[low_robots].mp3
Aldous Harding - Fever[medium_human].mp3
AFX - CornishSpreeks[low_robots].mp3
AFX - High Hats[low_robots].mp3
1920s and 30s[low_medium_human].mp3
Aruarian chillin[medium_robots_human].mp3
Aldous Harding - Warm Chris[medium_human].mp3
Aldous Harding – Lawn[low_human].mp3
Sunscreem - Perfect Motion[robots].mp3
Autechre - Cichli[low_code_robots].mp3
Bambanani - Boom Shaka[medium_human].mp3
Ben Bohmer - Flug Fall[low_code_robots].mp3
CRi - Live from Carre de Gaspe.mp3
Ben Böhmer - Anujadeep[low_medium_code_robots].mp3
Big Thief - Forgotten Eyes[low_medium_human].mp3
CRi - Why I Love You ft Ouri.mp3
Collective Soul - Shine.mp3
DJ Plead - Skittles [code].mp3
CRi - Remix Lane 8 Ill Wait feat Channy Leaneagh.mp3
David Bowie - Starman[medium_human].mp3
Doc Watson - Black Mountain Rag[human].mp3
Doc Watson - Little Sadie[human].mp3
Doc Watson - Tennessee Stud[human].mp3
Elizabeth Cotten - In the Sweet By and By[human].mp3
Doc Watson - An Evening with Doc(1993)[human].mp3
Jidenna - Boomerang[human].mp3
Edan - The Science of the Two.mp3
Waves - A Chillwave Mix[robots].mp3
The Tough Alliance - Miami[up].mp3
Elliot Smith - Colorbars[human].mp3
Elliot Smith - Either Or[human].mp3
Elliot Smith - In the Lost and Found[human].mp3
Elliott Smith-Best of Rarities[human].mp3
Elliot Smith - Junk Bond Trader[human].mp3
Elliot Smith - Son of Sam[human].mp3
Elliot Smithh - L.A.[human].mp3
Everquest - Kelethin[code].mp3
Fertita - Melodine.mp3
Gail Ann Dorsey - Where Is Your Love.mp3
Greenbaum - Spirit In The Sky.mp3
HOME - scanlines.mp3
Hasslehoff - True Survivor.mp3
JAMES BROWN - Funky Instrumentals.mp3
The B-52's - Roam[up].mp3
Hiroshi Yoshimura - Soundscape 1 - Surround[low_code].mp3
Jacob Collier - The Sun Is In Your Eyes[human].mp3
Nina Simone - Here Comes the Sun[human].mp3
ambient - wind in the grass[low_code].mp3
Jurgen Paape - So Weit Wie Noch Nie[robots].mp3
LONG NIGHTS[code].mp3
LOTR - Misty Mountains[code].mp3
LOTR - Shire[code].mp3
LOTR - ambient sleep[code].mp3
Mamadou Diabate - Tunga[human].mp3
Nina Simone - Mississippi Goddam[human].mp3
Aldous Harding - The Barrel[medium_human].mp3
lugano switzerland[low_medium_human].mp3
japanese jazz summer night[low_human].mp3
Strand of Oaks - Weird Ways[human].mp3
Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills.mp3
Nina Simone - Aint Got No[human].mp3
Nitemoves - Longlines[robots].mp3
Nujabes - Never Ending Nujabes[code].mp3
Nujabes Shing - Luv[code].mp3
Olivia Vedder - My Fathers Daughter.mp3
Penguin Cafe - Live at the Royal Albert[human].mp3
RPG - Medieval Town 2[code].mp3
Relax African Music - Jabali Spirit[human].mp3
Rolling Stones - Happy.mp3
Takashi Kokubo - Loires Castles ~ Medieval Dreams[code].mp3
RUBYIBIS - Pacific Horizon.mp3
Rolling Stones - I am Waiting.mp3
Royksopp - What Else is There.mp3
Rusted-Root - Send-Me-On-My-Way.mp3
Saint Pepsi - Hit Vibes.mp3
Saint Pepsi - Private Caller[robots].mp3
Takashi Kokubo (小久保隆) - Oasis of the Wind II, A Story of Forest and Water[code].mp3
Eddie Vedder - Into The Wild Album[human].mp3
nujabes - battlecry.mp3
David Bowie - Heroes.mp3
space safari[robots_low_code].mp3
AFX - T16.5 MADMA with nastya[low_medium_robots].mp3
Ben Bohmer - All-the-Way[low_code_robots].mp3
David Bowie - Young Americans[medium_human].mp3
David Byrne and Brian Eno - One Fine Day[medium_human].mp3
Doc Watson & Earl Scruggs Play Cripple Creek[human].mp3
Miike Snow - Black and Blue.mp3
The Cranberries - Ode To My Family.mp3
The Cranberries - Zombie.mp3
The Cranberries - Linger.mp3
The Cranberries - Dreams.mp3
Miike Snow - Animal.mp3
Miike Snow - Burial.mp3
Rolling Stones - She's A Rainbow.mp3
Rolling Stones - Under My Thumb.mp3
Rolling Stones - Waiting on a Friend - Tattoo You.mp3
Minnanokimochi - BoilerRoom[robots_code].mp3
Underworld Born slippy Instrumental Remix[robots].mp3
The Kinks - This Time Tomorrow.mp3
The Tough Alliance - First Class Riot[up].mp3
Harold Budd and Brian Eno - The Pavilion Of Dreams[code].mp3
The Tough Alliance - A New Chance[up].mp3
Intiraymi - Traditional Music From The Andes[human].mp3
Chronicles of Narnia - Winter Woods[low_code].mp3
David Byrne and Brian Eno - Everything that Happens[medium_human].mp3
sonic youth - incinerate.mp3
sonic youth - superstar.mp3
sonic youth - teenage riot.mp3
sonic youth - Daydream nation.mp3
sonic youth - Goo.mp3
CRi - I Can Make It.mp3
CRi - Half Moon - Run Astray.mp3
CRi - Everyone You Know - Miroir Miroir.mp3
CRi - Gemini.mp3
slowdive - sleep[low].mp3
mac miller - whats the use[low_medium_human].mp3
Aretha Franklin - Say a Little Prayer[medium_human].mp3
Ben Bohmer - live above Cappadocia[low_medium_code_robots].mp3
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