Web Hosting Reviews

Here is a review of the best hosts for introductory web hosting, all gleaned from my personal experience with them, via client sites.


Geared towards: PHP, WordPress

Dreamhost is my personal host, and the one I've used the longest. I highly recommend them for general responsiveness - esp. their online chat - and knowledgeable customer service.

At the higher end of their shared hosting plans, $10/mo+, you can host many websites all on one plan, making it a great deal for developers.


Geared towards: PHP, WordPress

Bluehost - good enough, and cheap!

Of all the low-end shared hosts like iPage, HostGator, etc, Bluehost is the one I would recommend, for the modernity of their interface mainly.

The customer support, like all the low end companies, has been hit or miss for me, as the parent company is a giant conglomerate who buys out companies and moves them to India. Endurance International.


Geared towards: PHP, WordPress

Siteground has been improving year to year for many years now and is now the highest quality shared host. However it is intended only for one domain per plan.

Single domain only - multiple domains is $20/+ month

Digital Ocean

Geared towards: developers

Get a virtual private server (VPS) for cheap - $6 / month. The most accessible the web has ever been - you can prototype even the most complex apps with this.

DO has excellent tutorials for basic setups that rank very high in Google results.

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