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A spaceship tavern gambling game, made with the DOM and http requests before I learned proper game stacks. Registrations are not verified; any email will do.

Spatial audio with howlerjs quickstart

a few hurdles I had getting started with spatial audio: How do I scale “my game space” to “howler space” Remember that howler’s pos() is arbitrarily different than your position units – I found that anything beyond approx 5 “howler units” was silent. In my game, 5 units is a tiny distance, so I was […]


Some resources: https://www.titansoftext.com MUD Discord https://discord.gg/ETrUvvV Some favorite MUD’s: Free world / Cowboy Bebop CB-SC.com 5678 Isengard isengard.nazgul.com 4040 godwars2.org 3000 alice-MUD 5555 TCZ thechattingzone.uk 8342 LOM telnet playlom.com 4000


A browser MMO aimed at MUD fans.

HTTP soccer

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Coded a multiplayer board game using HTTP polling, enabling it to be dropped on any server running php and work out of the box. No rules are coded; it is up to the participants to play their own game.

Illuminated Parchment

This was a plugin script circa 2014 (inserted via yet another plugin, Gryphonheart Items ), that allowed players in World of Warcraft to trade actual drawn canvases with each other in game. Since plugins could not import their own resources (or I chose not to), the “charcoal” was layered smoke sprites from the WoW filesystem, […]