Spatial audio with howlerjs quickstart

a few hurdles I had getting started with spatial audio:

How do I scale "my game space" to "howler space"

Remember that howler's pos() is arbitrarily different than your position units - I found that anything beyond approx 5 "howler units" was silent. In my game, 5 units is a tiny distance, so I was confused that I couldn't hear anything. A small middleware function solved the problem of going back and forth between game units and howler units.

Taking a threejs Vector3 and scaling down by a factor of 100 to meet howler units:

const scale_howler_pos = vector => {

	const howler_pos = []
	for( const coord of vector.toArray() )	{
		howler_pos.push( coord / 100 ) 
	return howler_pos