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make your own Reddit browser

Reddit exposes all their subreddits (and just about everything else too), to public RSS feeds. This means you can do all sorts of fun automation with it. Here’s a quick recipe to get it up and running on standard shared LAMP hosting, such as you might have for a WordPress. [ DISCLAIMER ] – it […]

HTTP soccer

Coded a multiplayer board game using HTTP polling, enabling it to be dropped on any server running php and work out of the box. No rules are coded; it is up to the participants to play their own game.


A gallery for humans, by humans… or is it.

Custom framerate for Threejs

By default, javascript’s requestAnimationFrame will run as fast as it possibly can, and if you have much logic in your animation loop, you’ll quickly hear your computer fans start to whir. To free up CPU power for other tasks and keepĀ  your webpage snappy, request your animation frames by timestamp instead of “asap”, like this: […]


An attempt to recreate my childhood favorite, Escape Velocity


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