threejs render types

    Disclaimer: this post is in development and may not be accurate information! It is a reflection of learnings from Threejs Game Dev Discord channel When to render what, in three.js Thousands of static, simple geometries: reduce draw calls Complex animated models


    A browser MMO aimed at MUD fans.


    An online collaboration to make a multiplayer arcade.

    Living Spaces

    HTTP soccer

    Coded a multiplayer board game using HTTP polling, enabling it to be dropped on any server running php and work out of the box. No rules are coded; it is up to the participants to play their own game.

    A gallery for humans, by humans… or is it.

    Custom framerate for Threejs

    By default, javascript’s requestAnimationFrame will run as fast as it possibly can, and if you have much logic in your animation loop, you’ll quickly hear your computer fans start to whir. To free up CPU power for other tasks and keepĀ  your webpage snappy, request your animation frames by timestamp instead of “asap”, like this: […]

    An attempt to recreate my childhood favorite, Escape Velocity


    Animated javascript prototype for a startup.

    All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace

    I like to think (andthe sooner the better!)of a cybernetic meadowwhere mammals and computerslive together in mutuallyprogramming harmonylike pure watertouching clear sky. I like to think(right now, please!)of a cybernetic forestfilled with pines and electronicswhere deer stroll peacefullypast computersas if they were flowerswith spinning blossoms. I like to think(it has to be!)of a cybernetic ecologywhere […]

    WQT Watches

    Shopify landing page for luxury watch retail


    Artist portfolio of Gail Vachon, NYC

    Spring Summit

    Promotional page for genetics conference at Harvard U.

    Roya Nasr

    Custom build for independent mortgage broker.


    Extensive customization of an NYC gallery’s Shopify

    Floating Cinema

    Film portfolio of artist and filmographer Jon Rubin, NYC

    Ford Crull

    Artist portfolio of Ford Crull, NYC

    Lukasa Studios

    Lead generation for a film production studio in NYC.

    Unfinished Creative

    Creative lead generation for a small NYC branding agency.


    overhaul of existing WordPress blog and implementation of entirely new client design. Tech-driven interior design startup, SF

    Dana Shea Jackson

    Artist portfolio of Dana Shea Jackson, NYC


    An experimental build for an optometry practice and 3d printed eyeglass retail.

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