Going full Linux on a Chromebook

I’m just wrapping up a couple days of researching the Linux Chromebook landscape, and while I’m still far from expert on the multitudes of configurations available, I found a good bird’s eye survey of the basics seemed to be lost amongst the extensive guides and documentation. So here it is, noble reader, my journey of […]


A 3d, multiplayer, browser re-make of my childhood favorite, Escape Velocity


Animated javascript prototype for a startup.

All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace

I like to think (andthe sooner the better!)of a cybernetic meadowwhere mammals and computerslive together in mutuallyprogramming harmonylike pure watertouching clear sky. I like to think(right now, please!)of a cybernetic forestfilled with pines and electronicswhere deer stroll peacefullypast computersas if they were flowerswith spinning blossoms. I like to think(it has to be!)of a cybernetic ecologywhere […]




All the time forward


A work desk built for two; a couple hundred joined lathes of pine.


A moody fellow

WQT Watches

Shopify landing page for luxury watch retail


Artist portfolio of Gail Vachon, NYC

Spring Summit

Promotional page for genetics conference at Harvard U.

Roya Nasr

Custom build for independent mortgage broker.


Extensive customization of an NYC gallery’s Shopify

Floating Cinema

Film portfolio of artist and filmographer Jon Rubin, NYC

Ford Crull

Artist portfolio of Ford Crull, NYC

Lukasa Studios

Lead generation for a film production studio in NYC.

Unfinished Creative

Creative lead generation for a small NYC branding agency.


overhaul of existing WordPress blog and implementation of entirely new client design. Tech-driven interior design startup, SF

Roof deck

Stained, sealed and leveled roof deck on top of an East Village roof.

Dana Shea Jackson

Artist portfolio of Dana Shea Jackson, NYC


An experimental build for an optometry practice and 3d printed eyeglass retail.


draw things, share things

Tetris bed

Elevated bed for a river view and extra storage

Kitchen installation

Kitchen overhaul in an ancient NYC walkup building.

houseboat stairs

First we tried renovating the old spiral staircase (it was rusty and falling apart): Too cramped! Onwards, to more space:

Shoe console

Just so shoes.


Hand welded, restored yellow pine cabinet.

Three’s company

A client with a sketch, and then some stools.

After Perriand

A custom storage solution for a lifetime fan of Charlotte Perriand

The origins

The first table, alternating oak and pine

Picnic Table Deluxe edition